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We Treat your

 Lawn as if it 

were our own

Your home is your largest investment in life!!  

The perfect lawn and garden will make a world 

of difference  - CALL THE GUYS THAT CARE!!

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Be Careful What you wish for!!


We do more than just cut grass !!!

If you are looking for new ideas on how to improve your curb appeal, then you have found the right guys!  We love to interact with customers to find out what it is that they are really searching for!  And we are bound and determined to get it right!!

TREE RINGS -EASY AS ... 1,2,3 


WHILE YOU ARE   "Takin’ it Easy"    AS YOU SHOULD

                    LET US HELP YA OUT!!

About Thumbs Up Landscaping

So, why choose Thumbs Up?  What makes these guys different? 

Killer Customer Care.  We pride ourselves on our reputation for personally getting to know each and every one of our customers and their specific preferences when it comes to their lawn and garden needs.

In addition to our professional fertilization and environmentally safe weed and pest management programs, we offer full service lawn maintenance, landscaping, water control (French drains) and a wide variety of other beneficial lawn services as well.

Whatever your lawn and garden needs, Thumbs Up is just a phone call away.

With our expertise and a little muscle - your lawn is "programmed" for success!!

As easy as we make it seem, a thick, beautiful lawn doesn't just happen over night.  It is the result of professionally designed treatment programs administered by the best trained applicators.  And it adds up to having a lawn that looks great during each and every season.

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