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We strive to relieve property owners from all the 

added work at home chores - we provide full service 

lawn care "We take care of your yard -

as if it were our own"...

"Leave the weeds to us"...

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KC's Finest Lawn Experts

Keep your hedges well-trimmed and your grass clean and green! Hire our experts at Thumbs Up Landscaping for an outstanding landscaping experience.   With over 40 years of experience in the lawn service industry, expect the best!

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We specialize in Residential and Commercial applications

Our Promise

We will always hold true to our word!  We will go above and beyond whatever it takes to make your experience remarkable!

-Our Story-

Robert ( “Rib”) and Todd  -go back a loooonnnnggggg ways together!!   Both were born and raised in Overland Park and 

have spent the better part of 5 decades there!!  So far back - their Father's went to High School together @ Topeka High.

To this very day - Rib and Todd are both Momma's boys!  Both feeling very lucky to have such wonderful Mothers!  Ann (84) & Joyce (83) still live life to the fullest!  Ann has taught the boys the art of lawn care and gardening.  To this day Ann still spends endless hours taking care of 1/2 an acre of seamless, gorgeous landscape.  She once made the front cover of "Better Homes and Gardens"...The boys call her "The Boss"

Both being avid outdoorsmen - they spend endless hours gardening and spending time working in the yard!  However - (at times) - they might find themselves relaxing at the Shady Gator near The Four Seasons!  They both have many years of experience working for lawn care companies.  Looking for a way to give back to those in need - they put their heads together.  During the Covid-19 Saga...Rib and Todd joined forces and created  "Thumbs Up Landscaping"

**Always accepting new thoughts for donating to local charities**





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